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Save the Date for Elevate22!

June 4, 2022
Omaha, NE

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Keynote speaker

Chris Bennett, Wonderschool CEO & Co-founder

We are excited to announce Chris Bennett as Elevate22's Keynote Speaker!

Chris Bennett is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in finance, operations and team building. Prior to establishing Wonderschool, Chris founded Soldsie, a social commerce platform that allows customers to purchase products through comments on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Chris’s appreciation for education goes back to his parents, Honduran immigrants who did whatever they could to ensure that he had access to an excellent education—from attending quality preschool to graduating from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He wanted to ensure other children had the same opportunities to reach their full potential.

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About NECC

The Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative harnesses the potential of providers to deliver high-quality early learning opportunities through access to business resources, innovative partnerships, and educational support.