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Online Business Summit for Child Care Providers

June 5th-13th

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The business of child care is essential. During these challenging times, this industry needs to become stronger than ever.


Participants must attend at least 4 out of the 5 hours to receive their certificate of credit hours. Anything less than 4 hours will not count towards credit hours at all.


Free in-service training with innovative business resources to improve operations, such as:

  • Finances

  • Human Resources

  • Leadership

  • Marketing

  • Technology

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Sara Arnett

CEO of Heritage Insurance

Taijha Harden

Child Care Systems Program Coordinator at First Children's Finance

Jenna Lindblad

Jenna Lindblad

Agent, Customer Service Representative at Heritage Insurance

Anne McSween

Child Care Systems Program Coordinator at First Children's Finance

Anita Mitchell

President of Heritage Insurance

Mia Pritts

Head of Early Education Systems at Wonderschool

Molly Sullivan

Director of National Initiatives for First Childrens Finance

more speakers to come...

  • Buffet Early Childhood Fund
  • Nebraska Dept. Of Health and Human Services
  • NE Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Nebraska Children and Family Foundation
  • Ne Family Child Care Association
  • N Extension
  • Six Pence Early Learning Fund

About NECC

The Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative harnesses the potential of providers to deliver high-quality early learning opportunities through access to business resources, innovative partnerships, and educational support.